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The Preventative Health Show hosted by

Bruce Franklin and Char Miller.

Owner and founder's of FixUrRx, Bruce Franklin and Char Miller arm you with the power of prevention on the Preventative Health Show.

Your DNA holds a wealth of valuable information about your risk for serious health concerns – like cancer.

Every Saturday morning Bruce explains how you can unlock those secrets through genetic testing.

Imagine knowing ahead of time whether or not cancer threatens your future!

Listen to the Preventative Health Show with Bruce Franklin and Char Miller Saturdays at 9:30am/MT on

Our First Show! This is where it all Started!

With Guest Dr. Brahma Sharma the expert on Pharmacogenomics

With Guest Carlene Anderson of Fastest Labs

With Guest Frank Carrannante, Health and Life Insurance Expert

With Guest Beth Weatherford, talking about all things H2O

With Guest Kirsten McCay, talking about all things Plant Based and Fitness

With Guest Lea Renay discussing an amusement park for your mind, spirit, and body with Rising Harmonics!

With Guest Dr. Clare Kelway Bergman Kelway Health functional medicine

Bruce and Char discuss genetics testing, job burnout, and water

Jessica Bybee has a BA in Human Development and is a certified Transformational Coach. She has combined these skills to help people as a Mindset Transformational Life Coach. Hear her unique story and how she assists her clients in first changing their mindset for optimal mental and physical health

CEO and President of Hope Holistic Healthcare Cancer Centers Troy Elliott​, joins us for a truly groundbreaking show. Troy is bringing a technology to Colorado Springs that is going to shake up and change the medical profession forever! It's called Rigvir. It's a virus and when injected into the body, infiltrates and then eradicates cancer cells. It then replicates in tumour cells and destroys them. It's a safe and effective cancer treatment because it doesn't harm the healthy white blood cells. This is going to save thousands of lives in Colorado and eventually millions nation and worldwide.

Registered Nurse and Owner of Tiny Champion Athletics, J'nai Zugates talks about the challenges of owning a full time business working as a personal trainer and on the weekends as a nurse while raising 4 kids! Not only does J'Nai tailors her workout programs to meet the needs of each individual, but she also prepares nutritional and healthy meals desired to meet the goals of each person she works with.

We'll be talking all things H2O and hydration with Beth Weatherford. Beth has called Colorado Springs home for the last 21 years. She is a wife, mother former Army Officer, retired critical care nurse and an entrepreneur.Her company, Good4UWellness offers hands on educational preseentations about hydration and the effects on daily health and living. Did you know that most bottled water is acidic? Well, there is a better way with with alkaline, detoxifying, super hydrating water that's loaded with minerals and antioxidents. Too much acidity in the body can lead to inflammation which in turn can cause many disease's, even cancer!


Listen to our interview with Tom Chenault on the:

Our News Article in the 50+ Marketplace Newspaper

August 2017

Prescription Drug Side Effects Could Be A

Thing Of The Past!

A revolutionary test that was developed at the Mayo Clinic is now available in Colorado. It’s called a Pharmacogenomic Test and it could improve the quality of life for thousands of Colorado residents. Everyone metabolizes prescription drugs differently. It’s based on an individual’s DNA, the genetic information that we all inherit from our parents. If you metabolize a drug too slowly, toxicity builds up in your body, causing any numerous side effects. Metabolizing a drug too rapidly causes the medicine to leave your body before it can be effective for the condition that it’s suppose to treat. The only way we can identify which drugs are likely to cause an adverse reaction and which ones we can metabolize normally is to get a Pharmacogenomic Test (or PGX Test for short). 50% of all seniors are taking  4 or more medications. Statistics show that 4 medications give you a 50% chance of an adverse reaction and that number increases  with each subsequent prescription. Last year in the US, over 2 million hospitalizations were attributed to adverse prescription drug reactions. In order to decrease this horrifying statistic,  Medicare and most major insurance companies have jumped on board to cover the cost of this test for people in need. Preventing future hospital visits should decrease as more people take action and get tested.  
FixUrRx is a preventative health solutions 
company offering this service now and it takes less then 5 minutes!  Currently there are 3 locations in Colorado: Greenwood Village.  Cherry Creek and Ft. Collins; to get tested, plus a mobile service.  For information visit or to get a free consultation by calling 720.282.1381.

PGX Commercial that aired on Rocky Mountain PBS